It’s 2019, and cannabis is finally becoming accepted as a recreational activity worthy of one of the fastest growing business industries in the country. With more states legalizing the medical and recreational use of weed, filmmakers, musicians, agriculturalists, entrepreneurs, and even artists are using their skills to pay tribute to the world’s most wonderful plant.

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With this year’s 4/20 holiday quickly approaching, it’s okay to take some time out of the day to think of what kind of gifts one might want to give their cannabis-loving roommate or co-worker. One gift that stands out–or pops out, one could say–from the rest, is Dimensional Cannabis: The Pop Up Book of Marijuana, the world’s first cannabis pop up book.

The art featured in the book was designed by renowned illustrator, graffiti writer, and tattoo artist, Mike Giant, and covers various aspects of cannabis culture. Dimensional Cannabis was produced by Poposition Press, an independent press company which designs, publishes, and distributes unique limited edition pop up books which are created in collaboration with contemporary artists.

Readers will notice in the video below that there’s an entire pop-up page dedicated to some of the more well-known figures who have stood as champions for the cannabis cause, including Jerry Garcia, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Jimi Hendrix, and many more.

Dimensional Cannabis: The Pop Up Book of Marijuana

[Video: Poposition Press]

Avid readers and cannabis connoisseurs alike will have the option to purchase three different editions of the book. There’s the $42 Standard Edition, which includes a complimentary 2″ Dimensional Cannabis pin; the $240 Collector’s Edition, which comes in a gold foil case wrap along with a mix of enamel pins, four-pack of stickers, art print on hemp paper; and finally the $420 Connoisseur Edition, featuring a wooden laser etched slipcase, pins, stickers, multiple works of art on hemp paper, an etched joint case, and more. The estimated delivery date for all three editions of the book is fall 2019.

Pre-order options and more information on Dimensional Cannabis can be found here.

Dimensional Cannabis