The Jerry Garcia Foundation has announced the launch of a new venture, the Jerry Garcia Archive. Set to unveil on what would have marked the Grateful Dead guitarist’s 80th birthday—August 1st, 2022—the collection will host digitally-accessible catalogs of Garcia’s artwork, music, and other related materials.

Among the items featured in the archive are photos, recordings, books, artwork, videos, and more created by or featuring the late guitarist. The Jerry Garcia Foundation is asking fans around the world to contribute whatever memories and memorabilia they have—from news clippings to concert cassettes—to the Archive to create this socially assembled collection.

“The Jerry Garcia Archive will serve as a vehicle of education and inspiration for the greater community,” said a spokesperson from the Jerry Garcia Foundation. “This project will help further the humanitarian and artistic mission of the foundation.”

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For its part, the Jerry Garcia Foundation has already donated a number of previously-released books, albums, CDs, artwork, and more. The Jerry Garcia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit established in 2015 by the artist’s daughter Keelin Garcia and his wife Manasha Garcia. The non-profit is responsible for the recent sale of a piece of Garcia’s digital artwork as an NFT and the COVID-19 relief album, My Sisters And Brothers. It is a separate entity from Garcia Family Provisions, which controls the distribution of archival Garcia audio such as the GarciaLive series.

To learn more about the Jerry Garcia Archive, browse its contents, and contribute digital JPEG copies of Jerry-related material click here.