Karina Rykman has returned with her fifth-ever single, entitled “No Occasion”. The release comes as the first for 2021 from the Marco Benevento bassist as she continues to bolster her solo catalog.

A bit of a departure from previously-released hard-hitting singles like “City Kids” or “Dirty South“, “No Occasion” finds the bassist exploring her pop influences. From the disco guitar provided by Adam November to the earworm hook from the woman herself, “No Occasion” shows a new—but not unsurprising—side of the perpetually upbeat musician.

The music video, directed by Charlie Chalkin, further reinforces this fun-loving motif as Rykman hot steps down the streets of New York City in her bare feet and shows off her hidden talent of lime juggling. With the past 14 months of the pandemic in the rearview, the entire concept of “going off” for “No Occasion” is much-needed as Rykman encourages audiences to turn every day into a party.

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“It’s a dance party – turn it up loud and skip down the grocery store aisles, flip a desk, spin in circles, max out your car speakers (all bass no treble) and enjoy,” Rykman said on social media. “May it encourage us to be the most extra, unbridled versions of ourselves, whether we have an audience, an occasion, or not.”

Watch the new music video for “No Occasion” by Karina Rykman and stream the track on Spotify.

Karina Rykman – “No Occasion” (Official Video)

[Video: Karina Rykman]