Buoyant bassist Karina Rykman is back with another new single, “Beacon”, the second from her upcoming Trey Anastasio-produced album Joyride. Out August 18th via AWAL, the debut full-length album from the Marco Benevento bassist features guest spots from Aron Magner (The Disco Biscuits) and Trey.

“Beacon” arrives washed out in synths as the pieces of the track come together. Johnny Kimock‘s drums creep in before Rykman’s gently distorted vocals bob the song along from the opening line, “You always insist / On rowboating in the rain.” Overall, the song stands in stark contrast to previously-released Rkyman singles like “Plants” or “Dirty South” that revel in prog-rock, power trio glory. Instead, the previews shown thus far of Joyride display the artistic duality of a musician who can rage the pit just as well as she can write radio-friendly hooks.

“I played an instrumental demo to my childhood best friend and podcast co-host Isaac Slone, who said when he heard it, ‘You’re going to play The Beacon with this one,’” Rykman said of the track. “It then took on a double-entendre meaning, as the song was written about trying to be a beacon to a lost soul you want to, but cannot, help. The heavy subject matter is met with dark dance grooves and thick bass chords, as the music envelops the listener much as the water envelops the person who cannot be saved. I did the vocals in one take and they may be my favorite vocal performance to date.”

Check out “Beacon”, the sophomore single from Karina Rykman’s upcoming debut album Joyride below or on your preferred platform. Rykman will take the new album on the road with the largest headlining tour of her career, set to launch in August with a string of festival appearances and run through December with headlining shows across the U.S. featuring special guest Guerilla Toss. Visit Rykman’s website for tickets and a full list of tour dates. Joyride is available here for pre-order.

Karina Rykman – “Beacon” [Lyric Video]