Khruangbin has started the weekend with the arrival of their new Late Night Tales compilation project, which debuted via YouTube on Friday morning.

Announced back in late October, Late Night Tales includes their previously-shared cover of  Kool & The Gang‘s “Summer Madness”, along with an eclectic mix of recordings from a mix of artists whose musical styles are pulled from locations and cultures around the world. The curated compilation ranges from Asian pop to Nigerian reggae, South Korean rock to Hindi-disco, and everything in between. The band also highlights Texas locals David Marez and Kelly Doyle, in addition to an exclusive spoken-word track produced by Khruangbin from Tierney Malone and Geoffrey Muller.

Other artists featured on the new digital mixtape include Devadip Carlos Santana and Turiya Alice Coltrane, Nazia Hassan, Maxwell Udoh, Paloma San Basilio, and more.

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The band said in a statement about their compilation,

It’s cool to think about what you would listen to late at night, as a band together, lighting a spliff, kinda vibe. We definitely wanted to cover as much global territory as possible; so it was the globe and then home. We wanted to show the treasures from our hometown, or people from our hometown that the rest of the world probably doesn’t know. That’s what makes Khruangbin Khruangbin. The stubbornness about being so hometown-centric but what makes Houston is this constant international influence. That’s that gulf stream, bringing it right into Houston. So I guess that’s kind of the theme.

Scroll down to stream the new compilation via the YouTube player below or through your preferred streaming platform.

Khruangbin – Late Night Tales Compilation

[Video: Late Night Tales]

Khruangbin’s Late Night Tales Compilation Tracklist:

1. Devadip Carlos Santana And Turiya Alice Coltrane – “Illuminations”
2. Brilliantes Del Veulo – “I Know That (When The Springtime Comes)”
3. Nazia Hassan – “Khushi”
4. Kelly Doyle – “DRM”
5. Sanulim – “Don’t Go”
6. Maxwell Udoh – “I Like It (Don’t Stop)”
7. David Marez – “Enséñame”
8. Gerald Lee – “Can You Feel The Love (Reprise)”
9. Justine & The Victorian Punks – “Still You”
10. George Yanagi + Nadja Band -「祭ばやしが聞こえる」のテーマ
11. Песняры – “Зачарованная моя”
12. Khruangbin – “Summer Madness” (Exclusive Kool & The Gang Cover Version)
13. Paloma San Basilio – “Contigo”
14. Roha Band – “Yetikimt Abeba”
15. Tierney Malone / Geoffrey Muller – “Transmission for Jehn: Gnossienne No 1” (Produced by Khruangbin)

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Khruangbin Late Night Tales