Lake Street Dive appeared as the musical guest Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the quintet performed “Same Old News”.

Appearing from a remote location, the Boston-bred outfit used the Kimmel spot to deliver the upbeat ode to the same old same old. The song comes from the band’s latest album Obviously, out now.

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Of note, the performance featured guitarist Mike “McDuck” Olson, who earlier this month announced his departure from the group he helped found after 16 years of service. Olson is set to perform five more concerts with the band next month at Beak & Skiff Orchards (6/4–6) in Lafayette, NY and finally at Westville Music Bowl in New Haven, CT (6/10, 6/11). Following those performances—which are also available as livestreams—Olson will go his separate way.

This impending lineup shift is not the first for Lake Street Dive, which welcomed vocalist and keyboardist Akie Bermiss to the group ahead of Obviously‘s production. As evidenced by the performance of “Same Old News”, Bermiss coalesced into the fold with ease. While frontwoman Rachel Price is certainly a capable vocalist, Bermiss’ falsetto creates a balance within the group that will carry their harmonies into a new era for the band.

Watch Lake Street Dive perform “Same Old News” on Kimmel.

Lake Street Dive – “Same Old News”

[Video: Jimmy Kimmel Live]