LCD Soundsystem served as the featured musical guest on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. In addition to offering up throwback performances from their self-titled, 2005 debut, the James Murphy and company joined the SNL cast on a sendup of an NYC staple: the ever-questionable subway churro.

Fresh off the announcement of a pair of spring 2022 residencies in Philadelphia and Boston, respectively, the Brooklyn art-rockers crammed onto the tiny SNL stage to kick off their appearance with “Thrills”. Later, slime-covered host John Mulaney introduced them once again for “Yr City’s a Sucker”, its notable lack of lights and stage production giving fans an unusually intimate look at the complex octet’s inner workings. Watch the LCD Soundsystem SNL performances below.

LCD Soundsystem – “Thrills” – Saturday Night Live

LCD Soundsystem – “Yr City’s a Sucker” – Saturday Night Live

Each of John Mulaney’s previous four Saturday Night Live hosting appearances featured a musical number focused on one of the many unspoken taboos of life in New York, from eating “diner lobster” to using the bodega bathroom to eating sushi at LaGuardia to buying the “I <3 NY” underwear at the gift shops in Times Square. This time, the faux pas du jour was purchasing the ubiquitous “subway churro.”

The cast employed Broadway pomp to educate viewers about the questionable subterranean snack and other New York peculiarities like mole people, ex-Sleep No More actresses high on bath salts, which part of the city is the worst (Midtown), subway stabbings, trench-coated flashers, Dear Evan Hanson, and the weird liquid on the floor. Late in the sketch, the eight members of LCD Soundsystem made a cameo as Guardian Angels and stuck around with the SNL cast to serenade “subway Jesus,” clad in his biblically accurate New York Islanders beer helmet. Watch the full sketch below.

Subway Churro Song ft. John Mulaney, LCD Soundsystem – Saturday Night Live

While LCD Soundsystem was the night’s featured performer, it was a different musical guest—the Ukrainian Chorus Dumka—that dominated headlines after the show. As the Russian military assault on Ukraine continued, Saturday Night Live opted to skip its typical “cold open” segment in favor of a message of peace. Rather than opening up on the customary topical comedy sketch, Saturday night’s episode opened with a “Prayer for Ukraine” from the traditional Slavic singing group. Watch the emotional performance here.

For a full list of upcoming LCD Soundsystem concerts, head to the band’s website.