Les Claypool let the news slip in a recent podcast interview that a new Primus EP is on the way. The band has made no official announcement, but the enigmatic bassist spilled the beans in an episode of Kyle Meredith With.

Claypool sat down for an interview to promote Primus’ upcoming A Tribute To Kings tour, which sees the band perform Rush‘s 1977 album A Farewell To Kings in its entirety at each stop. When asked what he’s been up to, the Primus frontman indicated that rehearsals for the tour had gotten the band’s creative juices flowing and that he had just recorded new music with both Primus and The Claypool Lennon Delirium. Interviewer Kyle Meredith immediately probed for more details, “I’m guessing what you’re saying is there’s a new Primus album on the way, and there’s a new Delirium record on the way. Is that what you’re getting at? Will we be getting this new music in album form?”

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Claypool replied that a new Primus record has already been recorded, and it will be released as a three-song EP.

“Basically what I wanted to do was record one giant song, which we did,” Claypool said. “But you can’t just release one song so we had to have a B side, so we recorded another song, but then the first song was so giant that we had to do two songs. So we’re doing a three-song, 12-inch single.”

Asked whether the songs would be part of a larger thematic project, Claypool responded, “We didn’t have a ton of time to go and make a full-blown album, but also how many people are open to us playing a full-blown album live these days? It’s like we got the Rush stuff, we got all our stuff,  and you know, when you go see a band that you’ve been seeing for many years, oftentimes watching them play a bunch of new songs isn’t necessarily what you want, but trickling in a few songs will be better. That way we can actually play these things live and we’re not burying people with all this music that they don’t know.” He then added, “Except for the one song is literally 13 minutes long, so go to the bathroom before we start that one.”

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The interviewer also asked about Oysterhead and whether fans could expect any new music from the supergroup, to which Claypool replied, “You know, we always talk about it when we’re sitting around, but all three of us are so busy,” Claypool said. “We haven’t really found the time to do it. It’s an undertaking. You’ve got three guys that are all alpha dogs in the same room. It’s more of an undertaking I think, but who knows. I’ve been talking to Stewart [Copeland] lately about trying to get together and just start jamming on some shit and see what happens.”

Keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement and release date for the new Primus EP and The Claypool Lennon Delirium album, and for more information, and to purchase tickets for Primus’s upcoming tour, head here. Watch the full Les Claypool interview with Kyle Meredith below.

Kyle Meredith with… Les Claypool