Following the release of his most ambitious album to date, Quality Over Opinion, viral jazz pioneer Louis Cole has continued to roll out videos for tracks from the album. The latest release from the KNOWER producer/multi-instrumentalist includes two live versions of the song “Park Your Car On My Face” combined into a single video.

Cole shared a lighthearted music video for “Park Your Car On My Face” earlier this month that featured the producer riding around L.A. on a toy horse with a knight’s sword and chain male hood. Now he has returned with another video for the song, this time featuring two recent live performances of the track—one with a “small band” composed of Cole, Nate Wood (drums), and Chris Fishman (piano), and the other with his big-band-inspired “large band” comprised of Cole, Genevieve Artadi, Fuensanta, and Chiquita Magic on vocals, Paul Cornish on keyboards, Logan Kane on bass, Jon Hatamiya on trombone, Zach Ramacier on trumpet, Shai Golan on alto saxophone, Rob Sheppard on flute, John Keek on tenor saxophone, and Henry Solomon on baritone saxophone.

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The video shows the first version, which has a slightly subdued jazz trio vibe, before picking up mid-song with the more rambunctious large band rendition. The juxtaposition of both performances highlights not just the adaptability of the song, but Cole’s versatility as a band leader and arranger, not to mention his skills as a multi-instrumentalist—he plays keyboards in the first version and drums in the second. It also showcases his talent as a director, with humorous edits like a close-up of an audience member who nails the hits and cricket sound effects replacing the audience’s applause at the end of the tune.

Check out the live versions of “Park Your Car On My Face” along with the music video for the song below. Quality Over Opinion is available now on all streaming platforms.

Louis Cole – “Park Your Car On My Face” (Live Versions)

Louis Cole – “Park Your Car On My Face”