Just when you thought ‘Gangnam Style’ was over, Psy comes right back into our lives. It’s been almost four months since the South Korean singer went viral, eventually becoming the most liked YouTube video of all time. He’s topped iTunes charts in 31 countries, and has performed the song live everywhere from Saturday Night Live to the MTV Music Awards. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Psy, or even the song itself – it seems as if he’s a great guy, the song is catchy, and the video is funny and relevant. But seriously, what could possible be left in this song? How many more parody videos must we watch? How many remixes must we hear? How much more can this guy possibly bank of this one song?

Apparently, at least one more time. Last night, Madonna was joined on stage by Psy, who did the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance, and performed a verse in between a mash up of Madonna hits ‘Give It To Me’ and ‘Music’. It was nice of Madonna and all, the money went to charity, and I’m sure ‘Gangnam Style’ is still new to a lot of the middle aged woman in the audience – but come on, this has to be the last straw, right?

Reddit takes the credit for really spawning the viral spread of ‘Gangnam Style’ before a whole host of celebrities – starting with T-Pain and going all the way to Britney Spears – tweeted about it, spawning a phenomenon. ‘Gangnam Style’ was the cool funny video you sent to your friends. Now it’s the lame video your mom sends you. And you know your mom is going to read about this in US Weekly, and send you the video later this week.

It’s hard to hate on Psy because he’s just so gosh darn cute. He’s always rocking the suit, he’s so polite. He reminds me of one of those little monkeys who smashes the cymbals – except he dances way better. I just want to eat him up. But seriously, Madonna? The last time Madonna was relevant to any young people, was when she made a complete fool out of herself at Ultra Music Festival. Spearheaded by a long blog from Deadmau5, electronic dance music fans everywhere took a metaphorical dump on Madonna for coming on stage with Avicii and asking “how many people in the crowd have seen ‘Molly'”. She might have well been saying “Hey guys – I’m still cool! I understand your guys’ crazy references! Now lets go get potted up on reefers!”.

This, again smells like Madonna saying “I’m hip! I’m into the new thing”. And Psy was suckered into it because he’s just too damn cute to realize it. Damn you Madonna. Damn you.