In early SeptemberSir Paul McCartney released his seventeenth studio album, Egypt Station, the first new album from The Beatles‘ singer/songwriter/guitarist in five years, via Capitol Records. Ahead of its release, during the initial album announcement in June, McCartney dropped the album’s two lead singles including the hilariously flirtatious “Come On To Me”, which peaked at No. 10 on Billboard‘s Adult Contemporary chart, securing the title of Sir Paul’s first top 10 hit since 1993.

On Tuesday, Paul McCartney officially released a new music video for “Come On To Me” featuring an unassuming mall cop enthusiastically lip-syncing to the contagiously saucy, feel-good tune. Initially, the mall cop named Freddie listens to the characteristically bland muzak that plagues malls across America, rolling his eyes as he scans over security footage. However, once the rhythmic guitar riff of “Come On To Me” drops in, Freddie’s demeanor changes, and his charismatic performance begins. The video is truly smile-inducing, with the mall cop popping up in vacant stores, dancing, singing, and clearly having a grand time throughout his romp across the deserted mall.

The delightful video was posted by the official Paul McCartney camp with a challenge inviting fans to create their own lip-syncing videos for “Come On To Me”. Notes the description, “Do you think you have better moves than Freddie? Show us! Film yourself dancing to ‘Come On To Me’ and post a video to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #COTMChallenge.” While we’re certainly excited to see videos from this challenge, let’s just say we’re #TeamFred all the way.

Check out the video of Freddie dancing and lip-syncing to Paul McCartney’s “Come On To Me” below.

Paul McCartney – “Come On To Me” [Official Video]



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