Even in the most dire of times, creativity still shines through like a flower rising out of an asphalt parking lot. When COVID-19 shut down the live music industry and before the innovations of drive in and pod concerts were viable solutions, members of Pink Talking FishKung Fu, and more came together for some outdoor jams. The chemistry between these musicians flourished in a time when collaboration was practically outlawed, and they decided to form a new group called Marble Eyes.

Over the weekend, Marble Eyes debuted their new song “Stop The Music”. The inspiring anthem of hope in the face of adversity captures the persistent flame of creativity kept alive by the legions of artists still committed to their craft despite the unsure future. The video itself was created by bassist Eric Gould (Pink Talking Fish), when PTF’s special performance on the rooftop of Nectar’s in Burlington, VT last month was cancelled due to weather. Alongside his fellow bandmates Mike Carter (The Indobox), Adrian Tramontano (Kung Fu) and Max Chase (Amulus), Marble Eyes is keeping the dream alive with “Stop The Music”.

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The solo piano opening of the song sets the stage for the emotional lyrics that begin the song, “Open up my eyes, the leaves are changing just outside my window/Yellow, orange, red, when winter comes in all will soon be dead/We heard that before, stop the music, stop production, lock the door/But you can’t keep the lights out anymore.” Meanwhile, images of closed venues with inspiring messages written on the marquees flash onscreen alongside important resources for musicians and activists alike, as well as photos of drive in and pod concerts. The recording of the song comes from the band’s October 11th concert at PopUp NH in Portsmouth.

“Somehow, in these challenging times, we have formed a new band that fills us with joy and inspiration,” Gould said in a press release. “We call the Marble Eyes sound “Rock and Roll For The Soul” because it has brightened our souls and we hope that carries through to people who are lifted by the power of music. The whole scene and the whole industry feel the effects of this Pandemic. We really captured a lot of these feelings with “Stop The Music”. Creativity will spread light through the darkness. Marble Eyes is dedicated to keeping that light shining with our songs and performance.”

The song itself runs for about six minutes, and the rest of the 15-minute video features an informed discussion between band members about the many issues facing live music. Watch the music video for “Stop The Music” from new supergroup Marble Eyes.

Marble Eyes – “Stop The Music” (Official Video)

[Video: Marble Eyes]