Marcus King stopped in at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA for a solo performance ahead of Marcus King Band‘s sold-out show at the Theatre Of Living Arts back on December 10th. On Tuesday, World Cafe released videos of King performing two of the latest singles from his forthcoming Dan Auerbach-produced debut solo album, El Dorado.

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King performed acoustic renditions of the recently released “Wildflowers & Wine” and “The Well” as part of his World Cafe session. Before he launched into “The Well”, King asked the crowd for a favor. “I need a little tempo [claps], can y’all do that?” The crowd then provided a beat for him to begin the bluesy riff on his Resonator guitar.

“Keep it steady,” says King, before he began to sing sans-guitar in traditional blues stomp-and-clap fashion. After a couple of minutes of powerful vocals and energetic blues phrases on guitar, King ended with a compliment. “You sounded good,” he told them with a laugh.

Watch Marcus King perform “The Well” at World Cafe below.

Marcus King – “The Well” – 12/10/19

[Video: World Cafe]

“Wildflowers & Wine” allowed King to display his vocal range. This time, donning a hollow-body electric guitar, King sang the emotional tune without a beat from the audience. “Wildflowers and wine/An old scratchy record/Plays in the background of our lives,” he sang with a soft touch.

Conversely, toward the end of the tune, he highlighted the true power behind his voice. As the song builds to a crescendo, King let his voice loose, “We’re still here dancing after all this time/Wildflowers and wine”.

Watch Marcus King perform “Wildflowers & Wine” at World Cafe below.

Marcus King – “Wildflowers & Wine” – 12/10/19

[Video: World Cafe]

El Dorado, the debut solo album from Marcus King, is set to arrive on Friday, January 17th via Fantasy Records. For a full list of upcoming dates on The Marcus King Band’s El Dorado Tour, head here.