Musician and songwriter David Roback has died at age 61. The multi-instrumentalist was best known in the music world as the co-founding member of Mazzy Star, along with projects that included Rain Parade and Opal. The cause of Roback’s death has yet to be announced, according to a report shared by Pitchfork on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the obituary, Roback’s career began in the 1980s when he formed Opal alongside Dream Syndicate bassist Kendra Smith. Smith ditched the band mid-tour shortly thereafter, and Roback brought in future Mazzy Star bandmate Hope Sandoval to come on as her replacement. By the end of the decade, Mazzy Star had officially been formed, and the band released their debut album in 1990 with She Hangs Brightly, which was produced by Roback.

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The band reached mainstream success with their second album, 1993’s So Tonight That I Might See, which featured their popular ballad, “Fade Into You”. The band went on a hiatus beginning in 1997 following the release of 1996’s Among My Swan and didn’t release new music again until 2011. Their most recent effort came in 2018 with the Still EP, which was dedicated to their original drummer, Keith Mitchell, who died the year prior. Sandoval and Roback co-produced the four-track project.

Mazzy Star and Sandoval have yet to comment on the passing of Roback.

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