Today, Mike Gordon announced that he would be selling off some of his gear that he’s used on the road and in the studio. On Thursday at 11 am (EST), the Phish bassist will replenish The Official Mike Gordon Reverb Shop—a virtual store of his in partnership with, an online music-gear marketplace—with road- and studio-proven guitars, bass guitars, and more going up for grabs.

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As Gordon noted in a press released, “I’m not a collector per sé, but I do like to find instruments and sounds that are unique and special — both old and new. So I’ve accumulated a smattering of interesting ones, especially for the sake of experimenting in the studio and, sometimes, to mix it up on stage. . . . I also really have a deep appreciation for builders that innovate and strive for aesthetic beauty and cool sounds.”

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One item for sale that many Phish fans are sure to be excited about is a guitar built by Paul Languedoc, Phish’s longtime luthier, as the guitars already are rare ( has only had one other Languedoc posted on its marketplace). Gordon will be selling his Paul Languedoc G2 6 String Hollowbody Electric Guitar, which is constructed with a spruce top for a more acoustic tone. As Gordon said of the guitar, “I’ve had it since 2001 and played it — or had people play it —on most of my solo albums and on albums with Leo Kottke, just in little moments. . . . I love how Paul makes his own tools even, then uses such an incredible craftsmanship to make guitars that are like art pieces. Plus there’s that undeniable tone.”

As noted in the press release, other instruments of Gordon that will be going up for sale include:

  • A Turner Renaissance Electric Hollowbody Bass that was used largely in the studio and served as Gordon’s only fretless for many years.
  • A Lakland Hollowbody Deluxe Electric 4 String Bass used for many songs on Sixty Six Steps, the second studio album from Gordon and Leo Kottke. According to Gordon, the Lakland is “an amazing example of a retro sound with modern reliability.”
  • A 1960’s Danelectro Silvertone 1448 that Gordon “needed to have” after playing a similar guitar in Marco Benevento’s living room.

The Official Mike Gordon Reverb Shop will stock these instruments this Thursday at 11 am (EST). Good luck! Plus, check out these photos of what you can expect from the sale below.

[Cover Photo: Steve Rose]