Phish bassist Mike Gordon has shared some grateful reflections in the wake of the band’s tour-closing run at Alpine Valley Music Theatre this past weekend.

In a post on his social media pages, Gordon explained what made this summer’s tour so fun for him. Spoiler alert: YOU had a lot to do with it. Read Mike’s post-tour note below:

Why was that tour so fun? For me it’s not about what songs are busted out or how long a jam goes (though that can be fun, too!). For me each passing note or word becomes a microcosm of the whole experience of the jam, the night, the tour – just like a hologram has the entire image within each pixel (if you will)! As bass player, I hope to feel that which is universal in a note that is passing. So I would say that this tour was fun because somehow those notes had extra time to breathe. A band with all those years of learning to relax and let go is a good first ingredient! People might not realize the degree of practice it takes to avoid being self conscious a bunch of the time.

By relaxing as a bass player, I can let there be more space between the notes, gliding into the next note with a little scrape of the pick on a string, setting that note up. The note chooses itself; the scrape chooses itself. It’s amazing how much it takes to let go of each note! Like: “If I do this pattern it will fit over that shuffle groove” – NO; that’s thinking about the next moment; that’s making a decision. The better way is: “that which is universal” chooses.

I felt at some of these shows that I could sing to the resonance of the room, play to the resonance of the room. Phish is so great at doing nothing that would get in the way – often not even a solo or an embellishment, just hovering in the groove or pattern and letting the room energy play the music. Thusly, YOU all choose. Maybe this is my way of saying, “Thanks everyone for choosing some great bass notes this tour by being present with us, being you, and bringing your energy.”


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Thank you, Mike, for another memorable summer. See you at Dick’s!

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