Major League Baseball pitcher/noted Phish fan Sean Doolittle is set to take over SiriusXM Phish Radio tonight, Tuesday, March 30th, for an interview with host Ari Fink and his own episode of the fan-led program Crowd Control. Tune in for the interview portion at 6:00 p.m. ET followed by the Doolittle-hosted Crowd Control at 7:00 p.m. ET only on SiriusXM Phish Radio (Click here to stream).

Doolittle, who currently plays for the Cincinnati Reds, has made his Phish fandom public knowledge in various ways in recent years, from stitching “Punch You In The Eye” on his Wilson-brand glove to toying with various Phish songs as his in-game entry music.

In a preview clip from the Sean Doolittle episode of Crowd Control, we hear Doolittle explain his selection of “Chalk Dust Torture” from 11/16/94, otherwise known as the version that appears on A Live One. “I picked that one,” he explains. “I know it’s a little bit of a low-hanging fruit, but that one is my wife’s favorite Phish song but it also holds a special place in my heart because when I was with the Washington Nationals in 2019, A Live One was… it was good luck getting ready before games in the playoffs and throughout our postseason run. We ultimately won the World Series. I listened to A Live One every day before the game while I was getting ready, while I was in the weight room, stretching and preparing for the game. So, whenever I hear that song, there’s a lot of really cool memories that start coming back.” Screengrabs of his Spotify numbers from 2019 certainly corroborate his account.

Doolittle continues, “I even used that version of ‘Chalk Dust Torture’ as an intro song during the 2020 season that would play over the stadium speakers when I would come in to pitch.” Watch the clip from tonight’s Sean Doolittle episode of Phish Radio’s Crowd Control below.

In another pre-show clip from Doolittle’s interview with Ari Fink, the host tries to push for “Tweezer Reprise” entry music for the coming season. “I’m thinking about it for this year, man,” Doolittle jokes. “I haven’t made a decision.”

The pitcher continues, “My whole career, I’ve used ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ by Metallica. I came up with the A’s in Oakland, and Metallica having that Easy Bay connection, that Easy Bay thrash-metal sound. I grew up a metalhead, it felt like a pretty natural fit. As I’ve gotten older, this is going to be my tenth season, I’ve kind of found that I pitch better, I perform better, I feel more prepared when I’m loose, when I’m not as, maybe, intense as I was when I was younger. And so last year I switched it up and I used ‘Chalk Dust Torture.'”

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Once again citing the 1994 version from A Live One, Sean continues, “It was just good vibes. You’re running in, out of the bullpen, and you’re getting ready to pitch, and we didn’t have fans last year so I thought it was really maybe even more important than normal to find some music that helped maybe get you in a better headspace for that inning that you’re about to face.”

“Tweeprise,” Doolittle adds, is on the shortlist for this year. Watch the clip of Ari Fink and Sean Doolittle’s SiriusXM Phish Radio interview below.