Back in November, moe. aired an unconventional virtual performance from the lobby of the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY. The fan-less concert saw the jam band stalwarts perform their latest five-song EP, Not Normal, in its entirety. During rehearsals for that show, however, moe. recorded an entire two-set performance from the Palace Theatre which later aired it as Play For The Palace. That’s just like moe. to record an entire two-set concert while you practice for a five-song livestream.

Wednesday marked “moe. day” in Albany, an official holiday declared by Mayor Kathy Sheehan following the band’s two-night stand at the Palace Theatre back in 2018. In an effort to give fans the proper tools to celebrate, moe. delivered a double shot video highlighting the band’s performance of “The Road” > “Mexico”, taken from Play For The Palace and originally recorded on October 21st, 2020.

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Taken from 2007’s The Conch, “The Road” kicks off the sequence with the triumphant, vaguely “Built To Last”, opening chord progression. The two songs create an idyllic pairing when put together, as they share the communal theme of travel. “Mexico”, released on 1994’s Headseed, tells the story of guitarist Al Schnier‘s journey south of the border on his 21st birthday and the mischief that ensued.

Watch moe. perform “The Road” and “Mexico” in the lobby of The Palace Theatre in Albany, taken from the Play For The Palace webcast below.

moe. – “The Road” > “Mexico” – Albany, NY – 10/21/20

[Video: moe.]

Happy belated moe. day!