Cardi B posted an animated coronavirus rant on Instagram last week, sparking a flurry of amusing remixes. On Thursday, Ghost-Note bassist MonoNeon uploaded a remix of his own in which he accompanies the boisterous Cardi B rant on his instrument with a thumping funk groove. This video continues a trend for MonoNeon, who’s been known to turn particularly melodic soliloquies into dope grooves—particularly those delivered by Cardi B (check out “What’s Poppin'” here).

“I don’t know what the [expletive] this coronavirus is about,” she says in the video, as MonoNeon slides and glides up and down the fretboard. The two continue, “Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, s**t is real! S**t is getting real! Woo!”

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After the 20-second intro of just bass and “vocals,” a funk groove enters while MonoNeon continues to play along with Cardi B’s rant. The bassist moves back and forth between mimicking Cardi’s voice and playing along with his backing track. MonoNeon ends the video with his “MonoNeon art manifesto”, which suggests the following guidelines:

– Write your own vision and read it daily. 

– Have the southern soul/blues and funk at the bottom and the experimental/avant-garde at the top… (YOUR SOUND!)

– Make your life audible daily with the mistakes… the flaws… er’thang

– Understand and accept that some people are going to like what you do and some are going to dislike it… when you understand and accept that dichotomy… move on!

– Embrace bizarre juxtapositions (sound, imagery, etc)

– Conceptual art. Minimalism.

– Polychromatic color schemes. High-visibility clothing. 

– DIY!

– Childlike

– Reject the worldly idea of becoming a great musician… JUST LIVE MUSIC!

Watch MonoNeon remix Cardi B below:


[Video: Mono Neon]

Watch the original viral Cardi B rant below for comparison:


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Ya keep playing I’m deadass FUCKIN SCARED. I’m stocking up on food.

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On Tuesday, MonoNeon uploaded yet another take on a Cardi B coronavirus rant. This rant saw Cardi telling her Instagram that she is scared and moving to “the islands.” In a similar fashion, MonoNeon remixed her latest monologue, this time over a more hip-hop-inspired backing track. Listen to the remix, which MonoNeon posted to his Twitter, below:

Both of these videos followed his original coronavirus song, in which he remixed a man claiming, “I got the virus!” while holding a bottle of Corona beer. Check out that video below:

MonoNeon – “Corona Virus Song”

[Video: Mono Neon]

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