Nathaniel Rateliff was the latest notable musician to appear on NPR Music‘s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert virtual performance series. The popular folk-rock songwriter and bandleader welcomed viewers into the Mercury Café for his four-song performance, which saw him joined by a 12-piece backing band complete with a string section who gathered to play under the hanging lights inside the Denver venue.

The new Tiny Desk (Home) Concert video shared on Monday opens with “And It’s Still Alright”, the title track to Rateliff’s 2020 solo studio album. Following the lovely performance of the Americana ballad, Rateliff and company continue with another softer tune in “All Or Nothing”, which bounces along towards a fun climax with the four-part string section proving their worth all the way through.

From there, the band continues the set with a take on “Redemption“, an original penned by Rateliff which appeared on the soundtrack to the 2020 film Palmer. Rateliff then returns to the And It’s Still Alright tracklist with the performance of “Mavis” to close the set.

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Watch Nathaniel Rateliff and his backing band’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert performance below.

Nathaniel Rateliff – “And It’s Still Alright”, “All Or Nothing”, “Redemption”, “Mavis”- Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

[Video: NPR Music]