Stone Gossard has not spent the past few months touring the world to promote Pearl Jam‘s 2020 release, Gigaton, as planned. Instead, the rock guitarist has reunited with former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain along with pianist Brittany Davis and folk-pop singer Mason Jennings to form a new group known as Painted Shield. The quartet released their debut single on Wednesday entitled, “I Am Your Country”, which will appear on their self-titled studio album, due out November 27th via Loosegrove Records.

As Spin reports, Gossard and Chamberlain first joined forces in 2014 to write and track some instrumental demos, but those recordings have been shelved for the past seven years—although the two did release two original tracks in “Knife Fight” and “Caught in a Mess” as a limited edition 7-Inch single in October 2014. The addition of Jennings and Davis now gives the project the added fuel to hit the ground running with a mix of new material. The songs to be included on Painted Shield were written and recorded over the past five months from each of the four members’ respective home locations. Gossard would send Jennings instrumental files which he would send back to the guitarist with lyrics, melodies, and other ideas for helping each demo take shape.

The new single released this week was reportedly born out of Jennings’ unfinished lyrical ideas for his own recent solo work, and is themed around a father talking to a son.

“It never totally clicked for me,” Jennings told Rolling Stone. “One day I was like, ‘What if instead of a father, I flipped it and it was more abstract and talking about the stuff happening right now in the country?'”

“The song tries to encapsulate what a country might say to its people,” Gossard also told Rolling Stone of their new single. “It’s the least worked-over song on the record and that makes it really visceral and immediate.”

Listen to the debut single from Painted Shield below.

Painted Shield – “I Am Your Country”

[Video: Loosegroove Records/The Orchard Enterprises]

The new band has never performed publicly, obviously, but they do hope to get some shows under their belt when concerts return, the report details.

Meanwhile, Gossard’s Pearl Jam bandmate Eddie Vedder recently joined the Instagram party in hopes of promoting mail-in voting ahead of this year’s election season.

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