Ahead of OSEES‘ release of The Chapel, SF on June 12th via Silver Current / Castle Face, the band previewed the live album with “C” and “Encrypted Bounce”. The tracks were recorded during the John Dwyer-led outfit’s 10/2/19 gig at the San Francisco venue.

For those still working on their underground degree, October 2019 found OSEES on the precipice of change. At the time, the band was still touring and releasing music as Oh Sees, until a month later on November 23rd when they would issue The 12″ Synth under the OSEES monicker. Musically, The Chapel also found the group at a time of intense experimentation.

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While the rough-and-tumble, lo-fi, hard rock sound still permeates through The Chapel—as it does the entire OSEES history—the previews shown on Wednesday offer a glimpse into a jam-heavy period of the band’s music. On “C”, taken from 2018’s Smote Reverser, Dwyer’s experimental jazz leanings shine through as he leads the band into uncharted territory while still managing to keep that gruff edge even though he’s edging dangerously close to jam band territory. On the other free track, “Encrypted Bounce” from 2014’s Drop, Dwyer takes the entire band off the deep end for a 14-minute live cut that toes the line between experimental jazz and noise rock.

The Chapel, SF will be released in multiple formats, including a two-LP set on limited black, colored, and handmade vinyl with a Side D etching and “faithfully (re)created TMOQ-style bootleg album art.” Limited cassette copies are also offered, in addition to a digital release. All physical copies of the release are currently sold out through Silver Current, but the digital download is available for pre-order on OSEES’ Bandcamp.

Stream “C” and “Encrypted Bounce” below.

OSEES – The Chapel, SF

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