Four days after his arrest for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, country singer-songwriter Paul Cauthen has released a new single, “Wild Man”. In a post to social media, Cauthen addressed the recent bust in South Carolina as new details continue to emerge.

Cauthen was arrested on the morning of Thursday, May 18th in Isle of Palms, SC, some 80 miles from his gig that night at Suck Bang Blow in Murrells Inlet, SC. He was booked on charges of possession of a Schedule I controlled substance as well as manufacturing and possession of controlled substances with the intent to distribute in Schedule I, II, and III. Cauthen posted the $27,275 bail and was released from custody later that day.

Following his arrest—the details of which have yet to be made public—Cauthen canceled upcoming concerts in Knoxville and Hurricane Mills, TN on Friday and Saturday respectively, “due to extenuating circumstances.” His show at Suck Bang Blow on Thursday was also canceled, though the venue noted the cancellation was due to weather. In a since-deleted post to social media, Cauthen wrote “Some things have happened and we won’t be making these shows unfortunately. We will go into further detail in time,” but offered no other information.

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As details began to emerge, Saving Country Music reached out to Cauthen’s publicist Mary Moyer who stated on Friday, “Paul was arrested for marijuana possession in Isle of Palms, South Carolina on Thursday morning. He is out on bond now and looks forward to telling the rest of his story soon.”

In his social media post on Monday, Cauthen corroborated that he was arrested for marijuana possession. He wrote,

I was arrested last week on tour in South Carolina for marijuana possession and want to clear up some of whats being said. I am not a drug dealer and I dont “manufacture” drugs. The legal process will play out and my side of the story will be told, hell or high water. Amidst all the hell last week, a good friend reached out with his support (as did so many that I respect and love) and told me to keep my head up and ended it by calling me “a wild man.” So I had to go ahead and put this song out today. This is for everyone that reached out and who has supported me. Love you all.

A new article published that same day by Saving Country Music, however, cites a police report documenting the seizure of marijuana, Xanax, Diazepam, and powdery substances which tested positive for heroin and cocaine.

The incident began on Thursday morning when an officer of the Isle of Palms Police Department observed Cauthen’s tour bus parked illegally and smelled the distinct odor of marijuana while passing the vehicle. He approached two individuals outside the bus, one of whom was Cauthen. The musician admitted to officers that he had roughly an ounce of marijuana on the bus, though the police report states that they seized nearly four ounces of marijuana, “a white powdery substance in a small tube, 3 1/2 pink oval pills, 2 pink circular pills…as well as a clear plastic bag of a white powdery substance.”

At the scene, Cauthen admitted to officers that the pills were Xanax and Diazepam and that he did not have a prescription. Cauthen claimed possession of all of the marijuana on the bus, totaling 111.97 grams, as well as the pills. Nobody on the bus, however, took ownership of the powdery substances. Due to the weight of the marijuana, Cauthen was charged with manufacturing and possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute. He received an additional possession charge for the pills.

No other individuals on the bus were charged with any crimes. Police did not say whether Cauthen would face additional charges for the heroin and cocaine.

Cauthen is due back in court on July 7th, and while the wheels of justice turn slowly, he is telling his story with his new single “Wild Man”. The track is available now on YouTube and is out across streaming platforms on Friday.

Paul Cauthen – “Wild Man”