In a recent interview with, Phish drummer Jon Fishman came out full force in support of presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. Fishman had previously endorsed Sanders when he created a Twitter account for the sole purpose of expressing his opinions on the Vermont senator.

I am a drummer in a rock band. I am not running for president. Don’t take my word for it. Go see for yourself if his judgment is wrong. Having watched this guy the whole time, I’m jumping up and down. This is the political equivalent of having the ability to draft Michael Jordan coming out of the University of North Carolina. It’s our turn to pick, and Michael Jordan is available. We have the choice—right now—to pick Wayne Gretzky for our hockey team. Is that person going to ruffle some feathers? Yeah, absolutely. Are they going to be good for the team and the whole league? Yes.

The full interview shows more of Fishman’s political opinions, including thoughts on Hillary Clinton and democracy. We’re certainly on Fishman’s side.