Before COVID-19 threw a wrench in 2020, Rage Against The Machine were set to return to the stage for the first time since 2011. The band’s Public Service Announcement Tour would have seen Rage perform across the world with the hip-hop supergroup Run The Jewels. Unfortunately for all of us, the global health crisis forced the postponement of that tour, which will now take place during the summer of 2021.

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Enter Rage The Jewels, a RATM and RTJ mashup mix by DJ Skarface that will make the 12-month wait just a bit easier. The 13-minute mashup takes Rage vocal tracks from singer Zach de la Rocha and mixes them with RTJ beats that span the group’s six-year career. After an intro cut featuring David Letterman, who “introduced” the mix, came one of RATM’s most popular songs, “Killing in the Name”, arriving with “Let’s Go (The Royal We)”, which RTJ originally produced for Marvel‘s Venom movie in 2018. As Rage The Jewels continued on, DJ Skarface interjected samples from the newly released RTJ single “Ooh La La” into Rage’s “Bombtrack”, before an excellent “Guerilla Radio” and “Early” mashup. A “Testify” and “Legend Has It” crossover led to a mashup of “Sleep Now in the Fire” and “No Come Down”, which ended the mix. Other songs used throughout include RTJ’s “Banana Clipper”, “Lie, Cheat Steal”, “Oh Mama”, “Get It”, “Call Ticketron”, and “36” Chain”.

“Originally I made this as a response to the Rage Against The Machine/Run The Jewels tour announcement so I would be lying if I told you I made this mix as a response to the events of the past few weeks,” said DJ Skarface in a statement to Live For Live Music. “However, I don’t think there is a better time than now to put this out. I’m not equipped to speak on the matters at hand but DJing and music have always done a good job of expressing how I feel and opening my eyes to the world.”

Listen to Rage The Jewels below, and if you like what you hear, DJ Skarface asks that you consider a donation to the National Lawyers Guild.

DJ Skarface – Rage The Jewels