Pink Floyd founder and bassist, Roger Waters, spoke in front of the United Nations on November 29th, which has been recognized as an  International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People by the UN.  While beginning his speech with saying “I am a musician, not a diplomat”, Waters appeared as a representative of and speaker on behalf of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

According to their website, the Russell Tribunal deals with “different aspects of complicities and omissions by states, international organizations and corporations in the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel and the perpetuation of the violations of international law committed by Israel.”

“I’m looking only to shed some light on the predicament of beleaguered people,” explained Waters. “The Russian Tribunal on Palestine was created to shed such light, to seek accountability for the violations of international law, and the lack of United Nations resolve that prevent the Palestinian people from achievement their inalienable rights, especially the right of self-determination.

It was an interesting speech, and definitely worth a listen.  Whether you agree with Waters, or not, is completely up to you.  Here is to the hope that if Waters can spark a peaceful resolution between these two warring factions, he may be able to make up with his former bandmates and get Pink Floyd back together.

Here is the video of Waters’ speech:

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