An array of music equipment and memorabilia that belongs to the family of late rock guitarist Randy Rhoads was found in a dumpster in North Hollywood, CA early Sunday morning, according to reports.

The update to the classic rock saga on Monday follows last week’s news that Rhoads’ former bandmate Ozzy Osbourne publicly offered a twenty-five thousand dollar reward for the return for the items stolen from Musonia School of Music in North Hollywood, which the Rhoads family has owned and operated since 1948.

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Osbourne’s reward announcement apparently generated enough awareness about the burglary of MSM that took place on Thanksgiving to bring the items back in a matter of days. According to the local ABC affiliate, the stolen memorabilia was discovered by North Hollywood resident Bobbi Fredriksz while she was walking her dog on Sunday morning. She saw a guitar and some photographs in a dumpster in the area of Burbank Blvd. and Sunnyslope Ave. and thought nothing of it, continuing on her walk.

When Fredriksz returned home and saw the news of the robbery gaining national attention after Osbourne offered a reward, she immediately returned to the dumpster to get the items out of the impending rain. She then alerted authorities, who came to the scene and found a Depression-era trumpet which belonged to Randy’s mother Delores sitting nearby.

Among the items returned were numerous photos from throughout Rhoads’ guitar career, an array of equipment including amplifiers and effects boards used by the guitarist, as well as the aforementioned trumpet. It is worth noting, however, that Rhoads’ first guitar, a 1963 Harmony Rocket, is still missing.

“The trumpet is valuable because it’s my grandmother’s,” Rhoads’ nephew Nick D’Argenzo told NBC 4 Los Angeles. “She passed away recently. This is her legacy.”

Osbourne hasn’t released an official statement on whether or when he plans to honor his twenty-five thousand dollar reward as of Monday morning.

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