Not even COVID-19 could stop Tenacious D from making a bold statement during an election year. After the untimely pandemic forced the cancellation of The Purple Nurple Tour, which would have seen the band hitting major swing states ahead of the election, The D joined forces with a slew of celebrities, politicians, and musicians for a cover of Rocky Horror Picture Show‘s “Time Warp”.

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Always outspoken about their left-leaning progressive politics, Jack Black and Kyle “KG” Gass invited Senator Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, along with Susan SarandonSarah SilvermanJohn WatersKaren OReggie Watts, and many others to make cameos in the “Time Warp” reimagination.

Doing their best impersonations of film characters Frank N. FurterMagentaRiff RaffColumbia, and others, Black and Gass provided viewers with an even more upbeat, wild, and energetic version of the cult-classic song. KG, who is usually the calming counter-balance to Black’s over-the-top and animated personality, finds himself getting into character and matching his partner’s vigor.

The featured guests make their appearances throughout the video, telling viewers, “It’s just a jump to the left,” something that carries even deeper meaning given the context of the election. In addition to the aforementioned cameos, Jamie Lee CurtisEzra MillerIlana GlazerPhoebe BridgersJohn HeilemannGeorge TakeiEric AndreKing PrincessMichael Peña, and Peaches also make appearances during this vivacious rendition of “Time Warp”.

In addition to a release on all streaming platforms, Tenacious D has also released a “Time Warp” 7″ vinyl, with all proceeds going to Rock The Vote. Watch the music video below and click here to order a physical copy of the single.

Tenacious D – “Time Warp”

[Video: Tenacious D]