The Disco Biscuits hosted City Bisco at TD Pavillion at The Mann in their native Philadelphia, PA over the weekend. The band unveiled brand new material and welcomed guitarist Tom Hamilton (Ghost Light, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead) to help close out their fourth and final set of weekend.

The Disco Biscuits kicked off their first set of the weekend on Saturday with “Spacebirdmatingcall”, which would remain unfinished until they returned to the song the following night. They then launched into “Another Plan of Attack”, but the song was interrupted when the band lost power onstage, forcing them to leave the stage for an early set break. They finished the song when they returned to the stage for set two after resolving the power issues.

After playing an inverted “Crickets”, The Disco Biscuits then debuted a new song, “Twisted in the Road”, before launching into a “Digital Buddha” sandwich with the third-ever “Who’s In Charge”, the second-ever “Tourists (Rocket Ship)”, and “Cyclone” inserted into the middle of the song.

The band did not offer an encore, presumably because they planned to return for two more sets the following night.

On Sunday, The Disco Biscuits returned to the City Bisco stage and opened with “We Like To Party” before completing the unfinished “Spacebirdmatingcall” that they started the night before. They continued on with “Freeze”, a song the band recently debuted at Candler Park Music Festival in Atlanta.


After playing “Anthem” and the ending of “Above The Waves”, The Disco Biscuits left the stage for a set break that featured a DJ set by LP Giobbi. The band jammed along as they returned to their respective instruments for set two, which kicked off with the recently released “Lake Shore Drive”, the band’s first studio single in over ten years.

The Disco Biscuits then surprised fans with the debut of a brand new original, “One Chance”. They followed the new song up with an inverted “Confrontation”, and then “Space Train”, which the band debuted earlier this month.

They offered another newer tune next with “Vibes”, marking the song’s third outing since its debut in March, and closed the set with “Morph Dusseldorf”, on which they invited guitarist Tom Hamilton to sit in.

After exiting the stage for a moment, the band returned with Hamilton for an encore that featured a cover of Pink Floyd‘s “Run Like Hell”.

Check out fan-shot clips from The Disco Biscuits’ City Bisco sets below.


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Setlist [via]: The Disco Biscuits | Mann Center for the Performing Arts | Philadelphia, PA | 6/18/22

Set One: Spacebirdmatingcall [1] > Another Plan of Attack [2]
Set Two: Jam > Crickets [3] > Twisted In The Road [4] > Digital Buddha > Who’s In Charge > Tourists (Rocket Ship) > Cyclone > Digital Buddha

[1] Unfinished.
[2] Technical difficulties; set ended early.
[3] Inverted.
[4] First time played; tDB original.

Setlist [via]: The Disco Biscuits | Mann Center for the Performing Arts | Philadelphia, PA | 6/19/22

Set One: We Like To Party > Spacebirdmatingcall [1] > Freeze > Anthem > Above The Waves [2]

Set Two: Jam [3] > Lake Shore Drive > A Chance To Save The World > Confrontation [4] > Space Train > Morph Dusseldorf [5]

Encore: Run Like Hell [5]

[1] Ending only; completes 6/18/22.
[2] Ending only.
[3] Segued out of LP Giobbi’s set.
[4] Inverted.
[5] With Tom Hamilton.