The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger will give fans the inside story of the iconic 60s rock group with a new memoir. Entitled Set the Night on Fire: Living, Dying, and Playing with The Doors, the book is due out on October 12th via Little, Brown and Company.

Though his musical career spans six decades, Krieger has been known for keeping details of his private life particularly private. Now, the 75-year-old musician is finally willing to draw back the curtain and give fans a look into his storied history as well as a first-hand account of the life and times of The Doors. With singer Jim Morrison and keyboardist Ray Manzarek both deceased, Krieger and drummer John Densmore remain the only surviving members of The Doors, making Krieger’s first-hand testimony all the more valuable.

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Though Morrison’s death in 1971 effectively spelled the end of The Doors—the less said about Other Voices and Full Circle the better—Krieger went on to lead a successful musical career that extends into the modern era. In recent years he has worked with everyone from Miley Cyrus to Alice In Chains, and has been known to sit in as a special guest on Doors covers with everyone from Particle to Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real.

“Through a series of vignettes, Krieger takes readers back to where it all happened: the pawnshop where he bought his first guitar; the jail cell he was tossed into after a teenage drug bust; his parents’ living room, where his first songwriting sessions with Jim Morrison took place; the empty bars and backyard parties where The Doors played their first awkward gigs; the studios where their iconic songs were recorded; and the many venues where concerts erupted into historic riots,” the memoir’s description reads. “Krieger also goes into heartbreaking detail about his life’s most difficult struggles, ranging from drug addiction, to his twin brother’s mental breakdown, to his own battle with cancer. Counterbalancing the sorrow are humorous anecdotes about run-ins with unstable fans, famous musicians, and one really angry monk.”

Click here to pre-order Set the Night on Fire by Robby Krieger, available on October 12th.

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