The Revivalists kicked off Jazz Fest in the only way they know how, full throttle, headlining The Fillmore on Friday night ahead of their Saturday afternoon performance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival to be followed by a special concert by David Shaw’s solo project at Live for Live Music’s Daze Between New Orleans on Wednesday.

The band started the show with “Don’t Look Back” off of their hotly anticipated new album Pour It Out Into The Night and rolled into fan favorites “BTBD”, “Criminal”, and “It Was a Sin”.  The Revivalists continued to weave their way between new and older material playing “Down In The Dirt”, “Otherside of Paradise”, “You Said It Said”, “Long Con”, and “Take Good Care”.

Leaning into the unique magic of Jazz Fest, the band brought out special guest Andriu “Yano” Yanovski on keys and vocals on “Oh No”. The band played Take Good Care fan favorites “Change” and “Next To You”, David Shaw serenading the front row from the press pit during the latter. Yano and Chicago musician Cole DeGenova shared keyboard duties on “Got Love” and “Celebration”. Raucous demands from the crowd for an encore were rewarded with old school favorite “Stand Up” followed by new single “Kid”, currently celebrating its fourth week in the top five of Billboard‘s “Alternative Airplay” chart, to which Shaw thanked the crowd for “telling your friends.” The band closed the night with their mega hits “Wish I Knew You” and “Soulfight”.

Opening for The Revivalists at The Fillmore, and also appearing at Daze Between, were soulful local band J & The Causeways. Speaking to frontman Jordan Anderson prior to Friday’s performance, he spoke about the palpable excitement of the show and his relationship with members of The Revivalists.

“I can remember seeing the Revivalists for the first time seven or eight years ago and heading straight home from the festival afterwards to write music from sheer inspiration off their show alone. Now cut to the past year where I’ve slowly gotten to know members of the band on a personal level and they are without a doubt some of the most down-to-earth kind individuals you will meet. I also had the pleasure of singing on an upcoming album produced by Andrew Campanelli a few months back which only strengthened the connection. It’s an absolute honor to get to open up for these boys tonight!”

During their quick, but dynamic set, J & The Causeways wowed the crowd with their powerhouse vocals, dynamic guitar, and phenomenal horn section. To experience some of their unique New Orleans flair, be sure to see their set at the Daze Between.

Enjoy some videos of The Revivalists at The Fillmore in New Orleans courtesy of pwm112 as well as an image gallery from Tiffany Anderson.

The Revivalists – “BTBD” – 4/28/23

The Revivalists – “Down In The Dirt” – 4/28/23

The Revivalists – “Change” – 4/28/23

The Revivalists – “Kid” – 4/28/23

Setlist: The Revivalists | The Fillmore | New Orleans, LA | 4/28/23

Set: Don’t Look Back, BTBD, Criminal, It Was A Sin, Down In The Dirt, Otherside of Paradise, You Said It All, Long Con, All My Friends, Oh No, Change, Next To You, Got Love, Celebration

Encore: Stand Up, Kid, Wish I Know You, Soulfight

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