Folks, stop over-using your stupid phones during what is supposed to be communal, interactive experiences. We already have several artists and festival promoters policing the public with their own rules for cell phones during shows to try to preserve the organic live experience. If you don’t heed the warnings, you may learn the hard way—like the fool who attempted to take a selfie with Tom Morello during a show over the weekend.

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Morello was performing at Piqniq (thrown by 101 WKQX) in Chicago on Saturday when a fan decided it would be a smart idea to attempt a selfie with the very anti-selfie guitarist. At a point in the show during which Morello invited fans onto the stage to share the musical moment with him—which, according to reports, is when he asks the fans to leave their phones in the pockets and just have fun—one bold soul decided to go rogue. Morello quickly saw what the fan was attempting to do, grabbed the phone, and launched it into the audience where it belonged. Watch the moment unfold in the video below.

In the unwritten codes of concert conduct, fans who attend a show should be entitled to a photo or video as a keepsake, but don’t be that person who abuses that privilege, or you might see more artists throwing things that don’t need to be thrown. As for Mr. Morello–Play on playa!

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