We’re living in strange, uncertain times, but Trey Anastasio has repeatedly offered us reasons to smile in the form of new songs recorded during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. On Saturday, Trey shared another new song written by him, Tom Marshall, and Scott Herman, titled “Timeless”.

While the first two Anastasio/Marshall/Herman “quarantunes” shared by Trey—“Lost In The Pack” and “When The Words Go Away”—came along with a photo of the Phish guitarist working away on new music at his home, this latest entry comes along with a truly delightful home video taken in the same room.

The caption for the “Timeless” video notes that this was a response to some requests for a song with whistling that he had in the comments of the previous song posts. You might also note that the room looks a little bit tidier in this video than it did in the photo shared with the first two songs (we’re guessing he saw all those comments, too).

In the clip, Trey sings through the upbeat, reggae-tinged tune about confused perceptions of time, timelessness, and forgetfulness (has someone been watching Westworld?) while his pet cat watches intently from the couch.

When he finishes, he walks up toward the camera to pet the big, beautiful, black animal, show off his “Have A Nice Day” patch, and stop the recording. Thank you for your service, Trey.

Watch the new video below:

Trey Anastasio – “Timeless”


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Who’s winning #quarantinelife? Trey’s pet cat.

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Trey Anastasio, Tom Marshall, Scott Herman – “Timeless” – Lyrics

Born without a sense of time,
I have no way to know.
If it was merely several weeks,
or 40 years ago.

Sometimes I think it’s morning
as the night begins to fall.
Sometimes I think I’m late for work,
then no one’s there at all.


An untouched cup of coffee,
I got somewhere in town,
Might sit upon my shelf for weeks,
as I let it cool down.

Born without time, at least that I know,
It’s not like I’m aimless with nowhere to go.
It’s not like I’m helpless, I don’t think, although,
when you are timeless there’s no fast or slow


I’ve waited for you half my life,
or was it just a week?
It seems that you’re in none of all
the memories I seek.

I can’t begin to comprehend the bulk of what you say,
That’s what makes me pretty sure we only met today.

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Trey is not the only member of Phish keeping busy during the current lockdown. Bassist Mike Gordon welcomed fans and music students into his kitchen on Friday night for a livestreamed bass lesson on his Instagram page.