Umphrey’s McGee will provide original music for the Chicago Cubs per a new partnership with the Marquee Sports Network, the band announced on Thursday. The remainder of the 2021—2022 MLB season will hear music from the Illinois-bred sextet piped into broadcasts.

In addition to providing in-game music for the Cubbies, Umphrey’s McGee’s compositions will also be heard in the pre-game and post-game entertainment. Members of the band will perform a special acoustic concert for Cubs Live! on September 24th and will be featured in a special standalone episode set to air at a later date.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with such a great Chicago band, with ties across the midwest and fans across the nation,” Marquee Sports Network general manager, Mike McCarthy stated. “Regularly performing on some of the biggest stages in the country, we look forward to featuring Umphrey’s McGee on Marquee.”

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This is far from UM’s first foray into sports. The band is a favorite of Around The Horn host Tony Reali on ESPN, getting occasional shout-outs from the commentator, and the band even recorded a new theme for the show that has been in use since 2014. The band members themselves are also never ones to shy away from a physical challenge, just ask anyone who has attended bassist Ryan Stasik‘s sunrise kickball games at Summer Camp Music Festival.

“UM’s love of baseball extends as far back as our love of music, and the fanatic dedication of Umphrey’s fans mirrors the rabid loyalty of Cubs fans,” UM manager Kevin Browning stated. “Combining UM’s hard-driving, fist-pumping music with Marquee’s ‘we get it’ style feels as natural as [Cubs pitcher Kyle] Hendricks painting the outside corner.”

For a full lineup of Marquee Sports Network programming visit the channel’s website. Scroll down to see a promotional video for the Umphrey’s McGee partnership with the Chicago Cubs set to “Puppet String”.

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