“Weird Al” Yankovich has shared a new music video for his “Hamilton Polka” medley. The video mashes up Yankovich’s 2018 polka reimagining of several Hamilton numbers with footage of the highly anticipated performance film of world-famous musical, which was released on Disney+ this past weekend.

Yankovich released “The Hamilton Polka” back in 2018 at the behest of Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. The polka remix stitches together “Alexander Hamilton”, “My Shot”, “You’ll Be Back”, “Wait for It”, “The Room Where It Happens”, and “The Schuyler Sisters” from the hit stage production.

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In the video, Yankovich takes footage from the musical and syncs it up with his own rendition of the songs. Given Yankovich’s upbeat polka melodies, he is forced to speed up the footage to a hilarious degree. The musical that tells the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton and the early struggles for American independence takes on a whole new light when set to accordion and “Weird Al”‘s trademark nasally voice. What adds to the hilarity is the fact that Yankovich voices every character as Miranda, Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom Jr., and more deliver the performances that would help propel Hamilton to worldwide acclaim.

“Listen, as a long-time Weird Al fan, that’s a scary ask to make,” Miranda told Rolling Stone back in 2018 when he asked Yankovich to make the song. “I also know there’s only been two other cases where he’s devoted an entire polka medley to a particular artist. There’s ‘Hot Rocks Polka’ on the UHF soundtrack and the Queen polka [‘Bohemian Polka’]. I cannot presume to be in that rarified air as the Rolling fuckin’ Stones! But I asked.”

Watch the new music video for “The Hamilton Polka” by “Weird Al” Yankovich now. Hamilton is available to stream now on Disney+.

“Weird Al” Yankovich — “The Hamilton Polka” [Official Video]

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