Portland-based livetronica trio Yak Attack has released a new instrumental single, “Bacaw”, that the band says “is inspired by chickens everywhere.” It is the group’s first studio release featuring their new lineup of bassist Jacob Rubanowitz and drummer Marshall Bjorling (both of whom joined the band in 2019) alongside Yak Attack founder and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Dave Dernovsek.

“Bacaw” opens with percussive retro synth sounds before dropping into a disco-esque, four-on-the-floor house groove that sets the foundation for Dernovsek’s lyrical keyboard playing. The song transforms around the two-minute mark when the keyboardist introduces piano and synth patches that take the tune from a vintage ’80s funk vibe to modern day electro-soul.

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Dernovsek, who also plays lead guitar, adds harmonic complexity with scorching-fast synth licks and then trades solos with Jacob Rubanowitz on the bass. The pair goes back and forth, responding to each other in a dialogue that showcases the skills of both players. Dernovsek caps the improvisation with a speedy run along the keys before launching into the song’s final chorus, and the tune ends with a couple stripped down bars that betray the band’s hip-hop and jazz influences.

With their mix of chops, musicality, and stylistic flexibility, Yak Attack is a band on the rise. After developing a regional following in the Northwest, they broke into the East Coast market via Camp Bisco with original members Rowan Cobb on bass and Nick Werth (Galaxe, brother of Snarky Puppy and Ghost-Note’s Nate Werth) on drums. The band’s new lineup has continued to expand in the national scene with performances at The Peach Music Festival and Gem & Jam.

Yak Attack is currently on tour with dates across the country and upcoming festival appearances at Colorfield Festival, Northwest String Summit, and Beanstalk. View a complete list of tour dates and listen to their new single, “Bacaw”, below. For more info, visit the band’s website.

Yak Attack – “Bacaw”