Yo La Tengo certainly isn’t letting their newly-launched Bandcamp page gather dust, as the group has uploaded a new song for the second consecutive day since activating the page. The new song, entitled “Georgia thinks it’s probably okay (Tuesday)” follows yesterday’s “James and Ira demonstrate mysticism and some confusion holds (Monday).”

The song is accompanied by the same message from guitarist Ira Kaplan as the first single, as well as an image of a painted 45′ in a similar style to yesterday’s upload. The description chronicles how the band came together at their Hoboken, NJ studio to record some ambient tracks once they were legally allowed to do so.

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The track picks up mid-sentence in a wash of feedback that sounds like its coming out of the speakers at late 1960s Fillmore West show from the Grateful Dead. Eventually, the song begins to take some consistent form with some repeated guitar phrasings, but still largely remains cloaked in a dense layer of feedback. This ambient, experimental jam eventually gives way to a delicate hum that slowly fades into studio noises and shuffling.

Listen to “Georgia thinks it’s probably okay (Tuesday)” by Yo La Tengo via the band’s newly launched Bandcamp page. The single is also available for purchase for $1.

Yo La Tengo — “Georgia thinks it’s probably okay (Tuesday)”