Dave Grohl was at a crossroads in 1994. Following Kurt Cobian‘s suicide in April of that year, Nirvana was finished. The then-25-year-old drummer was immediately taken off the world’s biggest stages and brought back to square one. With still another year until the Foo Fighters‘ debut release, Grohl reunited with his old hardcore band Scream at Los Angeles’ The Dragonfly. The concert took place on August 23rd, 1994 at the famed—and now closed—L.A. venue and featured a surprise special guest in singer Zack de la Rocha.

Conversely, 1994 found de la Rocha enjoying that same worldwide fame Grohl so recently experienced following Rage Against The Machine‘s delivery of their acclaimed, self-titled 1992 debut. Even with this newfound success, however, the RATM singer was still a hardcore kid at heart. Just prior to forming Rage Against The Machine, the singer fronted Hard Stance, a hardcore band that would later become Inside Out before dissolving in 1991.

In a newly-rediscovered eight-minute clip from Marc Maxey, which hate5six‘s Sunny Singh has been lovingly restored, de la Rocha is seen sitting in with Scream and Grohl for a number of songs during the August 1994 concert, including “Human Behavior” and “Mardi Gras”. The two musicians who would go on to perform on some of the world’s largest stages here relish in the closeness of the 400-person capacity club.

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Sunny Singh, who restored the footage, said of the video,

Every now and then I get the privilege of helping track down/restore/archive incredible moments lost in time. Like this surprise SCREAM reunion set from August 23, 1994 at the Dragonfly in LA when Zack de la Rocha performed “Human Behavior” alongside Pete Stahl with Dave Grohl on drums. Huge thanks to Marc Maxey for finding his tape and sending it to me and Chris Bratton for mentioning this even happened.

Watch Zach de la Rocha join Dave Grohl and Scream onstage at The Dragonfly on August 23rd, 1994.

Scream with Zach de la Rocha – The Dragonfly  – 8/23/1994 [Full-Show Video]

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