Goose returned to the stage at The Capitol Theatre on Saturday for night four of the group’s five-show residency in Port Chester, NY.

As Rick Matarotonda, Peter Anspach, Ben Atkind, Trevor Weekz, and Jeff Arevalo took their places on Saturday, they still seemed to be collecting their thoughts on the heels of a show-closing celebrity cameo the night prior.

“How we doin’?” the ever-smiling Anspach asked the capacity crowd, which included the likes of NHL Hall of Famers Mark Messier and Chris Chelios. “How ’bout Jimmy Fallon last night, man? That was something else. He was like, ‘I don’t know if I wanna do it, I don’t know, like, I don’t know if I should come up there, I might make a fool of myself. And then he f—ing crushed it! It was so sick. What a legend.”

Where do you begin when you left off with the host of The Tonight Show singing “Mustang Sally”, knocking over microphone stands, and tossing his sunglasses into the crowd? A slightly faster-than-usual “Echo of a Rose” absorbed the reverberations of that strange and satisfying finale, launching the band into a free-flowing opening suite that wound through a crowd-pleasing cover of Bob Seger‘s “Hollywood Nights” and a textured “Bob Don” before the echoes of “Echo” brought the segment to a close back where it began.

Goose – “Echo of a Rose” > “Hollywood Nights” (Bob Seger) [Pro-Shot] – 3/11/23

After a brief pause, the band set off on an expedition through “Seekers On The Ridge Pt. 1” and “Seekers On The Ridge” Pt. 2″ that underscored the balanced mixture of technical complexity and thematic wonder at the core of Goose’s strongest material. After a standard “Mr. Action”, “SOS” brought the first set to a close, its “(dawn)” climax getting some extra rumble thanks to Saturday night MVP Trevor Weekz.

After the intermission, with liquid light projections once again adorning the theater’s ornate extremities, the band got things moving once again with “Hungersite”, the Dripfield track that is quickly becoming one of Goose’s signature songs. While the studio single continues to climb the Billboard Adult Alternative Airplay chart (it peaked at #15 on the chart’s March 11th edition in its seventh week on the list), “Hungersite” is at its best when it’s serving as a conduit for improvisation. This 20-minute outing started firmly within the lines, but a single dissonant chord from Mitarotonda midway through pushed the jam in a darker, more brooding direction, prompting more than a few “that’s the stuff” moments and a stream of colorful looks from LD Andrew Goedde before returning to a tastefully illuminated Rick for the song’s resonant conclusion.

Goose – “Hungersite” [Pro-Shot] – 3/11/23

The band cruised through an eerie “Silver Rising” before introducing the third new original in as many nights, “Feel It Now”, a synth-driven Peter tune with an ’80s character and a pulsing dance-rock finish that is sure to develop into another fan-favorite. “Arcadia”, another fundamental Goose tune, made its Capitol Theatre debut as a late-set heavy-hitter. Weekz asserted his dominance throughout the 20-minute session, which flirted with dreamy, “Mountain Jam”-like space on more than one occasion and crawled through a maddening tension-building segment (think the middle section of “Guyute”) before returning to home base.

Before Friday night, Goose had never played three straight nights at any venue. As the five musicians slid into a pensive, focused “726” set closer, their night four comfort level was abundantly clear. Still, the song left something to be desired as a final thought for the evening, but a “Dripfield” encore quickly remedied that imbalance. The cosmic inverse of Friday’s brief, Fallon’d encore, this late rendition of the pulsating improv vehicle expanded in layers and loops, probing deeper into the ether as it picked up steam and exploded with a palpable energy.

“Hell yeah,” Anspach said as the band made its exit. “See y’all tomorrow.” Four down. One to go. Something about Sunday shows and what you’re not supposed to do with them. Ah, those Port Chester nights…

Goose – The Capitol Theatre – Port Chester, NY – 3/11/23 – Full Video

Goose at The Cap concludes tonight with its fifth and final installment. Scroll down to check out the full Saturday setlist and photo galleries from the performance via Andrew Blackstein and Chris Quinn. While you wait for tonight, revisit Live For Live Music‘s full coverage of night one, night two, and night three.

Setlist [via]: Goose | The Capitol Theatre | Port Chester, NY | 3/11/23

Set One: Echo Of A Rose -> Hollywood Nights [1] > Bob Don -> Echo Of A Rose, Seekers On The Ridge Pt. 1 > Seekers On The Ridge Pt. 2, Mr. Action, Same Old Shenanigans

Set Two: Hungersite, Silver Rising, Feel It Now [2], Arcadia, 726

Encore: Dripfield

Coach’s Notes:
[1] Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.
[2] Debut

While much of Goose’s upcoming spring tour schedule is sold out, some tickets remain for the band’s two-night headlining appearance at Daze Between New Orleans in New Orleans, LA on May 2nd and 3rd.

Named for the “Daze Between” the two weekends of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival when the Fair Grounds go quiet but the city stays alive with festive energy, the two-day Daze Between New Orleans festival will feature two sets of Goose each night in addition to performances by Tank and the Bangas, Lawrence, Neal FrancisDavid ShawGeorge Porter Jr. & Runnin’ PardnersEggyMeltHoney Island Swamp BandJ & The Causeways, and The Quickening. A portion of proceeds from the Daze Between New Orleans will benefit New Orleans nonprofit organizations via Rex Foundation. Find ticketing information via the festival website.

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