Backline, the mental health and wellness non-profit resource for professionals working in the music business which launched in fall 2019, has announced a new partnership with Wanderlust Festival and the Meditation Studio digital platform by Muse.

The new partnership announced this week will give qualified artists and industry professionals free subscription access and curated content from the Wanderlust Festival archive (six months) and Meditation Studio By Muse app (one year), and future discounts will also be made available. Wanderlust content access will include 1,000+ live and on-demand classes from the most sought after teachers across yoga, meditation, breathwork, and fitness. Meditation Studio by Muse has also curated a “Music Industry Setbreak” collection for engaging, guided meditations designed for music professionals.

The announcement comes as we quickly approach the winter months, which often bring with them seasonal depression, and COVID-19 continues to ravage communities and hold the concert industry on its continued hiatus.

“We’re proud to be a part of the important work that Backline is doing to bring mental health and wellness resources to Music Industry Professionals,” Meditation Studio co-founder Patricia Karpas said in regards to the partnership. “The Music Industry Setbreak Collection of guided meditations was specifically curated to help musicians and entertainers cope with stress, sleep, motivation, difficult times, adversity and, of course, resilience. We know first-hand how powerful meditation can be a stress-management tool and we’re excited to provide much-needed resources to this population.”

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“Wanderlust has been exploring the intersection of yoga and music since our inception in 2009,” Wanderlust CEO Sean Hoess also added. “Most of our team has been involved in the music industry, even prior to launching Wanderlust, and as fellow members of the events business, we know that COVID is more than an economic crisis, it has also triggered a mental health crisis for artists, staff and crew in the live music business. It’s for that reason that we’re so excited to partner with Backline to bring the benefits of yoga and meditation to musicians and their support crew. We are developing custom content for the Backline community with top teachers whose practice and experience overlaps with the live music industry—look for our first collaborations to drop on Wanderlust TV shortly.”

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Backline is a hub for artists, industry professionals, and their families to quickly and easily access mental health and wellness resources. Backline’s creation was supported by industry professionals including Ben Baruch (11E1even Group), Nadia Prescher (Madison House), Hilary Gleason (Level), Joshua Knight (Paradigm Agency), Jay Sweet (Newport Folk Festival), and Peter Shapiro (Brooklyn Bowl).