Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continues to recruit notable pop artists in hopes of furthering his push towards becoming President in the upcoming 2020 election. After meeting with Cardi B in Detroit, MI earlier this summer to discuss issues like minimum wage in America, Sanders linked up with Run The Jewels rapper and supporter Michael “Killer Mike” Render for a new on-camera interview.

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Sanders, who is no stranger to plugging himself into musical settings in hopes of getting his message across to younger voters, recently sat down with Killer Mike in the rapper’s hometown of Atlanta, GA to talk all things government policy ranging from wealth inequality to health care and the affect big pharma has on lower-income Americans.

“Black people are more disproportionately affected by diabetes than any other group,” Render is heard saying in the interview in relation to how some Americans have difficulty affording the overpriced cost of insulin in America. “So when you say diabetes and are talking about free health care, I want people who look like me on the other side of the camera to recognize this is a black issue.”

Watch the new 10-minute interview below.

Bernie Sanders & Killer Mike Interview

[Video: Bernie Sanders]

Render has had plenty of free time in his schedule since Run The Jewels have not performed since this past winter. The rap duo’s next upcoming performance is set for September 7th with their appearance at Goose Island Beer Co.’s 215 Block Party in Philadelphia, PA. Click here for tickets to the end-of-summer event.

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