Bruce Hornsby has shared another new song which will appear on the veteran musician and songwriter’s forthcoming studio album, Non-Secure Connectiondue out this Friday (August 14th). Entitled, “Anything Can Happen”, the optimistic, sitar-filled song is that of a duet with the late Leon Russell, who died in November 2016.

“Anything Can Happen” follows “My Resolve” and “Bright Star Cast” as the third single from the forthcoming studio album. Amazingly, Russell recorded his vocal contributions for the song almost 30 years ago, with Hornsby finally getting around to completing the recording featuring his old friend.

As Hornsby explains,

I was able to get Leon Russell a record deal with Virgin in 1990, and we made a record called ‘Anything Can Happen.’ I always felt that the title song wasn’t produced as well as it could have been (I’ll take the blame), and always wanted to re-cut it. Leon asked me to ‘write me a Barry White track,’ which is how the song started. His vocal from the original demo ghosts mine for a lot of the song, and then he emerges at the end to join me in harmony. My time with Leon was extremely memorable and deserves its own article; too much amazing and funny, classic stuff.

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Listen to Hornsby’s newest single featuring the late Leon Russell below.

Bruce Hornsby feat. Leon Russell – “Anything Can Happen”

[Video: Bruce Hornsby]

Hornsby’s last studio album, Absolute Zero, arrived in April 2019.

Head to Hornsby’s website for Non-Secure Connection pre-order info.