CBS has announced a rebroadcast of Billy Joel: The 100th – Live at Madison Square Garden after the special’s highly anticipated premiere was cut off in the middle of the song “Piano Man” in the Eastern and Central Time Zones due to a programming error.

“A network programming timing error ended last night’s Billy Joel special approximately two minutes early in the Eastern and Central Time Zones,” CBS said in a statement. “We apologize to Mr. Joel, his fans, our affiliated stations, and our audience whose viewing experience was interrupted during the last song.

“Due to the overwhelming demand from his legion of fans,” the statement continues, “Billy Joel: The 100th – Live at Madison Square Garden will be rebroadcast in its entirety on CBS on April 19th at 9:00PM ET/PT.”

The concert film was originally taped on March 28th to commemorate the 100th show of Billy Joel’s long-running residency at Madison Square Garden and was scheduled to air on CBS Sunday night at 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET/PT. It wound up starting a half-hour late after the 2024 Masters Tournament coverage ran overtime, which resulted in the program getting cut off two minutes before the end of the concert as stations returned to their regular scheduled content.

Fans were quick to voice their outrage over the mistake, with one tweeting, “Are you kidding me? I recorded it for 3 hours because I knew it was running late. They seriously cut to the news??? That’s terrible.” Another wrote, “You couldn’t produce a worse product than CBS just did on the Billy Joel special. Way too many commercials, didn’t play some of his best songs, went extremely out of order in his set list, and then cuts away to the local news in the middle of Piano Man?!? A total flop by CBS.”

Rex Smith, anchor at Indiana’s WANE 15, apologized to viewers for unintentionally stealing the stage from Billy Joel, writing, “I apologize to the people who were enjoying Billy Joel singing on TV then all of a sudden had to see my face.”

Tune in this Sunday, April 21st to watch the rebroadcast of Billy Joel: The 100th – Live at Madison Square Garden. The film is also available to stream exclusively on Paramount+.

Billy Joel is set to finally conclude his record-setting 10-year, 104-show Madison Square Garden residency this July. For a full list of his upcoming shows and to purchase tickets, head here.