Charley Crockett has released a new live video for “Wreck Me”, from his latest album Welcome To Hard Times. The newest live video from the emerging country revivalist follows the previously-released”Lily My Dear” and serves as part two of three of the An Evening with Charley Crockett video series.

Prior to the release of Welcome To Hard Times in July, Crockett released a series of videos for singles that all fit into the same neo-Spaghetti Western universe. Since the album’s release, Crockett has started a new string of live videos that all pull from a similar vintage aesthetic, much like his music.

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In the video, shot at Sam’s Town Point in Austin, Crockett sits waiting by the phone surrounded by his guitars and a painting of Jesus. It’s worth noting that a phone was the object of desire, also known as the MacGuffin, throughout the Spaghetti Western videos for Welcome To Hard Times. Here we find Crockett, though outside of that rough-and-tumble mystique, still chasing down that rotary phone.

While that previous video series depict Crockett as a mysterious, tough man-with-no-name type character, in “Wreck Me” we find him scorned by a former lover. Taken in the context of the An Evening with Charley Crockett video series, it’s quite possible that the person he is on the phone with is the titular character from “Lily My Dear”. Throughout the song, it’s clear that he’s been left and wrecked, yet it toes the line between telling this mysterious lover off and also asking them to come back.

One of the highlights of the video, however, comes after the completion of the song and the visual accompaniment. At the end clip, the screen goes blue as the phone rings and the number (512) 380-1890 appears on screen. If fans call the number, they are directed to the Charley Crockett fan club and if they stay on the line long enough, they are given the chance to listen to two bonus tracks that were cut from Welcome To Hard Times. Press one for “Oh Jeremiah” and press two for “When Will My Troubles End”. Given the thematic nature of the phone throughout these videos, as well as his overall throwback persona, releasing two bonus tracks via phone call is the perfect move for Crockett.

Watch the new live video for “Wreck Me” by Charley Crockett, and give his fan club a ring.

Charley Crockett – “Wreck Me” (Official Live Video)

[Video: Charley Crockett]