Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin continued the 2021 edition of the Hanukkah Sessions on Thursday with a cover of “Take The Box” by Amy Winehouse led by Dave’s daughter, Violet Grohl. The Amy Whinehouse cover marks the fifth installment of this year’s Hanukkah Sessions following renditions of songs by Lisa LoebRamones, Barry Manilow, and Van Halen.

With help from a pair of backing vocalists, the younger Grohl delivers an uncannily tone-perfect impression of Winehouse’s unmistakeable sound on the wistful break-up tune from the late singer’s 2003 debut, Frank. Even beyond the music and the smoky, black-and-white stylization of the video, the glowing, fatherly smile Dave gives Violet when she finishes the take makes the clip worth the watch in itself.

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“Despite this song’s mention of a ‘Moschino bra you bought me last Christmas,’ it’s common knowledge that the amazing woman behind the song was actually Jewish,” Grohl and Kurstin noted in the video’s description. “Gone far too soon…Ms. Amy Winehouse and ‘Take The Box.'”

Watch Dave Grohl, Greg Kurstin, and Violet Grohl cover “Take The Box” by Amy Winehouse for the fourth night of the Hannukah Sessions below. Stay tuned to the Foo Fighters’ YouTube channel for future installments.

Dave Grohl, Greg Kurstin, Violet Grohl – “Take The Box” (Amy Winehouse) – Hanukkah Sessions Night Five

Last year’s inaugural Hannukah Sessions series saw Grohl and Kurstin cover a wide array of Jewish artists including Beastie BoysDrakeMountainPeachesBob DylanElasticaThe Knack, and The Velvet Underground.