As Elton John takes his massive Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour through Australia, one thing is for certain–the bitch is back.

As the “Rocket Man” played a concert on Sunday at HBF Park in Western Australia, he won instant favor with the crowd as he chewed out security guards in a profanity-laden tirade for the way they forcibly removed a woman from the show. Luckily for the rest of the world, somebody caught it on film.

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“Hey, you two security guards with the girls, f*ck off. Bring her back her immediately,” Elton demanded as the crowd cheered him on with roars of approval. “Come on you c*nts. Morons, you both are. Morons. You don’t treat girls like that. Leave her alone you turds.”

This outburst occurred during the second of two performances by the legendary singer in Perth as he tours outdoor arenas through Australia and New Zealand for the southern summer. Later in the show, Elton took a moment to address his tirade.

“I apologize for the ‘c-word’,” he said. “It’s just that I hate people getting assaulted, especially women by security guards. I have a pet hate of security guards anyway.”

What happened to the woman after Elton’s intervention with security is unclear, but a spokesperson for VenuesWest later told reporters, “Under the circumstances, the security team acted appropriately and we (VenuesWest and security) worked together with Elton’s team to ensure that the event was safe and successful for the artist and patrons.”

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