Goose continued its two-show stint at Atlanta, GA’s The Eastern on Sunday night. The Connecticut quintet headed south following a Halloween run at Portland, ME’s State Theatre, and Worcester, MA’s The Palladium.

Wasting no time getting the dance party started, Goose kicked things off in Atlanta with “Jive II”. The Rick Mitarotonda-penned track originally arrived on 2016’s Moon Cabin as the slightly-slower sibling to “Jive I”. Despite the more leisure tempo, Peter Anspach‘s lively organ work linked arms with a driving rhythm section and carried the crowd off into deep funk territory for a lengthy jam.

Up next came “Doc Brown”. Initially written by Anspach’s earlier project, Great Blue, “Doc Brown” often finds its way into Goose setlists. Imbued with the reggae influences of upstroked guitar and infused with wah and delay, “Doc Brown” marked a change of pace in the versatile first set.

Following a cover of The Wood Brothers‘ “Atlas”, which heard lead vocals from Mitarotonda, came a fan-favorite “All I Need”. A song that finally got the studio treatment with 2020’s Night Lights EP, “All I Need” has long been a staple of Goose’s live performances. Loosely plucked lines from Rick’s PRS Hollowbody II got the track moving before Anspach joined in on a guitar of his own. Ben Atkind (drums), Jeff Arevalo (percussion), and Trevor Weekz (bass) commanded the backbone for which Mitarotonda layered his delayed vocals atop. Throughout the song, Anspach switched back and forth between guitar and organ before moving over to the piano to lead the five-piece into an exploratory jam section.

Before long, Mitarotonda hopped over to the driver’s seat with some solo action on his guitar before the jam hit a valley that Weekz navigated through. Over the next few minutes, Goose built up to a plateau. The group explored this concentrated groove for a bit before an added layer of distortion on Mitarotonda’s guitar helped to find the next peak. After a full 14 minutes, The Eastern found itself back in the friendly confines of “All I Need” before taking off once again for the jam vehicle “Drive”.

Goose – “All I Need” – 11/7/21

A more song-heavy set two began with the yet-unreleased “Echo of a Rose”, before the Shenanigans Night Club track, “Same Old Shenanigans”. A run through “The Old Man’s Boat” segued to the second-ever performance of “You and Whose Army?”, from Radiohead‘s 2001 album, Amnesiac.

The segues continued this time to an unfinished version of “Arrow”, before a third and final cover of The Beatles‘ “Tomorrow Never Knows”. A set-closing “Doobie Song” brought Goose and The Eastern crowd to an encore break before the quintet returned for “Madhuvan”, another Shenanigans Night Club cut. During this lengthy jam, the curtains closed on the stage and all that remained was beams of light from Lighting Designer Andrew Goedde.

Goose will continue its fall tour tomorrow, November 9th, in New Orleans, LA before heading off to Texas and Oklahoma. In December, the band will return to the Northeast for its annual Goosemas celebration (12/18), ahead of a two-night New Year’s run in Chicago, IL (12/30–12/31). Head here for tickets and additional tour dates and scroll down for a full setlist of the show.

Goose – The Eastern – Atlanta, GA – 11/7/21

Setlist: Goose | The Eastern | Atlanta, GA | 11/7/21

Set One: Jive II, Doc Brown, Atlas {1}, All I Need > Drive

Set Two: Echo of a Rose, Same Old Shenanigans > Dawn, The Old Man’s Boat > You and Whose Army {2} > Arrow {3} > Tomorrow Never Knows {4} > Doobie Song

Encore: Madhuvan {5}

Coach’s Notes:
{1} The Wood Brothers
{2} Radiohead
{3} Unfinished
{4} The Beatles
{5} During the jam, the curtain closed while the band continued to shred and Goedde lit up the curtain like a painting