Jack Johnson and Eddie Vedder shared the stage, or rather the screen, for a performance of “Constellations” during the Kokūa Festival Live From Home stream. The Pearl Jam frontman also played his solo song “Far Behind”.

On Saturday, Jack Johnson revived his former Hawaiian fundraising music festival for an online edition in honor of Earth Day. The festival remained committed to its causes of promoting environmental education and sustainable food programs throughout Hawaii, even as many digital events raise money for COVID-19 relief.

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Johnson introduces Vedder with an amusing anecdote about how his dad had became friends with Vedder through their mutual friend, surfer Kelly Slater. As an avid fan of Vedder and Pearl Jam, Johnson admits that he was even a bit jealous of his father, but that has since passed now that Jack and Vedder have formed their own bond. With that, Vedder launched into an acoustic, solo rendition of “Far Behind”, from the soundtrack to the motion picture Into The Wild. Given the current climate of quarantine and isolation, the song’s subject matter of leaving it all behind and foraging in the wilderness doesn’t sound too far fetched or like that bad of an idea.

After that, Johnson and Vedder performed a synchronized version of “Constellations”, from Johnson’s 2005 album, In Between Dreams. Vedder and Johnson actually collaborated on the song years ago at Kokūa back in 2007, and the chilled-out tune still fits the duo like a glove. The two talented vocalists switch off duties for the verses, and unite together for a gentle chorus in the middle. As Johnson strums out the final notes of the memorable guitar riff, the two friends bid each other a fond farewell as if they weren’t recording the song at different times in different states.

Watch Eddie Vedder perform “Far Behind”, then join Jack Johnson for “Constellations”.

Eddie Vedder – “Far Behind”, “Constellations” (with Jack Johnson)

[Video: demetrios]

Johnson’s Kokūa Live From Home event also featured performances from past festival alumni, including Ben HarperG. Love, Ziggy MarleyLukas NelsonPaula FugaKawika KahiapoJohn CruzAnuhea, and Ron Artis II along with his brother Thunderstorm Artis. The festival also raised funds for the Kokūa Hawaii Foundation, Aloha Harvest, the Full Calabash Fund, and the Chef Hui HI #GiveandGoHI Community Meal Program. The whole stream is available to replay on Facebook until 9 p.m. EST on April 26th.