Members of Phish were out in force in support of Bernie Sanders ahead of “Super Tuesday” voting day this week. On Monday, Phish drummer Jon Fishman performed at a campaign rally for Bernie Sanders at Port City Music Hall in Portland, ME. On Tuesday, Fishman once again joined The Mallett Brothers onstage, along with fellow Phish bandmate Mike Gordon.

On the first night, Fishman sat in with The Mallett Brothers Band for a set, and also rubbed shoulders with other notable Sanders supporters including actress Susan Sarandon, rapper Spose, and Dave Gutter, who all spoke or performed in some capacity. The ensemble ran through some Mallett Brothers originals, including “The Falling of the Pine” and “Last Man Standing”, as well as some choice covers including “Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down” by Kris Kristofferson and “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival, which featured Spose on vocals.

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The next night at Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction, VT, Fishman and The Mallett Brothers were joined by Gordon as well as his daughter Tessa Gordon who chimed in on vocals throughout the show. Night two featured some of the same songs from night one, including “Fortunate Son”, “Off Road”, and “Last Man Standing”, but brought much bigger energy to the 10,000-person capacity venue.

As the Democratic primary race heats up, Sanders has been pulling in support from all corners of the music world including Fishman and Gordon, Killer MikeChuck DThe Strokes, and more.

Check out some videos from the Bernie Sanders campaign rally on Tuesday in Essex Junction, VT featuring Jon Fishman and Mike Gordon.

The Mallett Brothers with Jon Fishman & Mike Gordon – Champlain Valley Exposition – 3/3/20 – First Half (Starts @ 47:30)

[Video: Bernie Sanders]

The Mallett Brothers with Jon Fishman & Mike Gordon – Champlain Valley Exposition – 3/3/20 – Second Half

[Video: Bernie Sanders]

Photographer Vic Brazen was on-site for the Sanders rally on Monday night in Portland where Jon Fishman performed alongside The Mallett Brothers. Scroll down for a gallery of images.

Setlist: The Mallett Brothers with Jon Fishman | Port City Music Hall | Portland, ME | 3/2/20

Set: Celebration [1], The Falling Of The Pine, Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down, Peter Amberly, Last Man Standing, Off Road, Too Much Trouble, Fortunate Son [2]

[1] David Mallett on guitar and vocals
[2] Spose on vocals.

Setlist: The Mallett Brothers with Jon Fishman & Mike Gordon | Champlain Valley Exposition | Essex Junction, VT | 3/3/20

Set: Fortunate Son, Too Much Trouble, A Life That’s Good [1], Why Baby Why[1], Off Road [2], Whirlwind[1], Last Man Standing, Ring Them Bells[1], Headed Home, Let’s Go

[1] Tessa Gordon on vocals.
[2] Spose on vocals.