After releasing his most ambitious album to date, Quality Over Opinion, last year, viral jazz phenom Louis Cole on Friday shared a full album of unreleased material under the title Some Unused Songs. He also recently announced the first KNOWER album in seven years is due out next month.

Some Unused Songs is a compilation of shorter songs, with most clocking in under two minutes. The tracks are aesthetically similar to Quality Over Opinion but with more stripped-down production, almost like they could be demos from the album, as the title kind of suggests. There is even a track titled “Let It Happen (old version)”, a later rendition of which ended up on the album.

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The album runs the gamut stylistically, from the jazz ballad “The End of The Night” to the self-explanatory “Pretty Guitar”, but in general it is very downtempo and almost ambient, with patiently moving songs that rely on atmospheric and impressionistic soundscapes more than the driving drum grooves Cole is known for. In fact, only the last two songs have any drums at all.

Listen to Some Unused Songs by Louis Cole below.

Louis Cole – Some Unused Songs

Last week, Cole announced KNOWER FOREVER, the first full-length KNOWER album since 2016’s Life will arrive on June 2nd. Check out the video for the lead single, “I’m The President”, and click below to view the album tracklist. Pre-order the album here.

KNOWER – “I’m The President”

01 “Knower Forever”
02 “I’m The President”
03 “The Abyss”
04 “Real Nice Moment”
05 “It’s All Nothing Until It’s Everything”
06 “Nightmare”
07 “Same Smile, Different Face”
08 “Do Hot Girls Like Chords”
09 “Ride That Dolphin”
10 “It Will Get Real”
11 “Crash The Car”
12 “Bonus Track”

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